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A Media Play Driven by Mobile Charging Stations

Zapme.mobi app that loads from charger
and enhances experience plus identifies
locations that support Zapme.

Media Player with built-in battery storage
and self-homing foldaway charging leads
that plays an ad loop plus interactive ‘call
to action’ ads

Initial targets are hotels, bars,
management rights, motels, and

The Zapme.mobi components

iCharge Tablet

Zapme Premises Control Station

Zapme App

Zapme Cloud Content Management System

Zapme Fast Charging Station

The iCharge Tablet

Two variants – a handheld, portable version and a fixed tabletop version with detachable battery packs or optionally hard-wired power

Plays a media loop consisting of ads interlaced with interesting content

Identifies and records how many unique phones are within a 2 meter radius of the player, for ad verification purposes

Has foldaway charging leads that fit most mobile devices

Can charge multiple devices at once, and has a smart charge control that modifies the extent of charge being provided.

Is washable and suited to a restaurant or bar style environment

Optional features include a Service Call Button

Player (or its battery packs) can be rapidly recharged in a charger deck located behind the bar or in a back room

The Zapme.mobi App

App is available from app stores, and also auto loads when connected to Zapme Player

Full functionality will evolve over time, but initially will include:

Location directions to Zapme empowered locations

Information re charging and charge status

Interaction with ads that are running on loop, including:

Instant Q Code capture for coupons, special offers and linked web sites

Purchasing direct from app for special offers

Bookmark links and information that is displaying on the loop

Loyalty card offers

Invite other users

Zapme Fast Charging Station

Fast charging station being designed by world renowned industrial design firm

Charges both portable Zapme players and replaceable battery packs

Designed to integrate with the Player and battery packs for very rapid charging

Identifies status of charge for each unit in the rack

Secure environment if required

Final design will be cognizant of space constraints in hotels and designed to be accommodated in a variety of positions

Zapme Premises Control Station

Communicates with all Zapme Players in premises on dedicated wireless link

Identifies location of each Player

Alerts if any Player is removed from geofence

Alerts if any Player needs to be recharged

Alert and reset for service calls from Players

Has its own secure 4G wireless connection to Zapme central headquarters

Can show what is playing at any time around the loop on all devices

Optionally can be used to set up charge tabs or to redeem coupons etc.

Zapme Cloud Content Management System

15% of the loop is available for premises to use

Cloud based system allows premises or their owners to create and insert ads, at exact times and locations, for their Players and their premises

Smart content creation allows for high quality content even from inexperienced users

Allows users to monitor the loop that is being played from any premise under their control, and modify it in almost real time

System tracks number of users being reported in vicinity of players and builds valuable profiles of repeat visits and density demographics

System allows complete control over the way the loop is distributed amongst the players at each premise

Zapme – The Proposal to the Premises

No risk, revenue neutral, retains customers longer, attracts customers to premises,
drives revenue

Cloud based system allows premises or their owners to create and insert ads, at exact times and locations, for their Players and their premises – for 15% of loop

Optional bureau service for us to manage content creation and changes for you

Allows users to monitor the loop that is being played from any premise under their control, and modify it in almost real time

System tracks number of users being reported in vicinity of players and builds valuable profiles of repeat visits and density demographics

System allows complete control over the way the loop is distributed amongst the players at each premise

$1/month per device donated to charity

Zapme – The Attraction to Consumers

Keep your mobile with you and have it chargeable wherever and whenever you want

No longer have to carry charger leads, batteries and chargers with you when you are out for the evening

Don’t leave your phone at the bar, or at a charging booth, where it can be spied on, stolen or damaged

Avoid losing your place at your table or bar, when you have to recharge your phone

Quickly find places where you can charge your phone for free with the Zapme App

Participate in coupons and promotions to your advantage

Participate in shared events via the app, and share amusing videos and ads with friends

Use participation in the charging station as another means of social engagement

Zapme – For Advertisers

Unique digital marketing platform

Advertisements are 20s each and played at least once every 30 minutes

Detailed demographics, verified by device and patterns of use, identify how many unique devices are nearby the player and exposed to the content

Flexible loop with exact timing allows for coordinated campaigns

Targeting local population is simplified by advertising in local premises and provided exact targeting location

Direct response advertising, via coupons, call to action, click through to website from App and embedded QR Code

Potential to conduct coordinated campaigns in collaboration with venue owners (buy one get one free, etc)

Case Study – Rainbow Beach. 6 locations will provide targeted exposure to 600,000 people per annum. Expected growth to 17 locations expands exposure to 1.3 million people per annum.


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